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The Palestian cartoonist, Mohammad Saba'aneh, was arrested by Israeli authorities on Saturday February 16, for reasons as of yet unknown.
He was arrested in Jericho and sent to ALJAFLA military base near Jenin City, where he was held for 12 hours with no information at all. Under the law of secret information the Israeli court can expand his detention another 16 days 'for more investigation'. After that period, it can be expanded with another 16 days, and then it becomes a period of 6 months, which can be extended without the need to have any clear accusation. This is called indefinite detention.

Mohammad Saba'aneh was released on July 2, 2013


The new Secretary General of the National Center for Defense of Freedoms Khaled El Masry filed a lawsuit against the cartoonist Doaa El Adl because of that cartoon :

Translation : "If you had said "yes" [to the referendum] you wouldn't have been sent away from Eden"

Khaled El-Masry said that cartoon was insulting of the prophet.

Doaa El EAdl is an Egyptian cartoonist who was published in the magazine Good morning and Rose Al-Youssef and Al Dostor newspaper in Egypt. She is now currently working for the daily El-Masry El-Youm Newspaper... publishes also in cartoonmovement and in Jordan website (.kharabeesh)..

In 2009 she received the award of "Journalism Excellence in Caricature" in Egypt ...and that was the first time a femal cartoonist received that Prize.

"I choose to be a Muslim" she said "...and I respect all cartoons have been used for a purpose different from that I drew them. The basis for the charge is not the story of Adam..."










The Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat was kidnapped on August 25th by masked security agents.
They confiscated his papers and drawings
They severely beat him, trying to injure his hands.

Ali Ferzat has published cartoons critical of the Syrian regime

Feco (UK) -

It was my great good fortune to visit St Just Le Martel recently, along with The Surreal McCoy, to see the proceedings for ourselves and to share in the delights of the festival. We had answered the call to assist in putting on an exhibition for them, “Spotlight on the Brits”, and were very pleased to help organise it, in conjunction with the British Cartoon Archive, and to come and take in the resulting show.
Flanked on the left by an excellent exhibition from the Americans, with many modern and historic French cartoons entertaining the centre, our stands featured some wonderful British cartoons from many of our members.
Of course, 2012 was an extraordinary year for us, as the world focused on the UK for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics. Many of the cartoons on display were from our newspapers and magazines, from Private Eye, The Times, The Guardian, and The Sun.
We were naturally taken with the warmth and hospitality shown to all of us, and also with the way that the community pulls together to make such an enjoyable event happen. And with the good will and company of the organisers, Feco groups and representatives, and the many talented cartoonists from France and further afield all in attendance, it would have been very difficult to have had anything but a wonderful time there.
Well, until the next time! We hope to meet up with some of you again for the Dutch Cartoon Festival next year and then it is straight on to the 10th Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival the following weekend. As many of you know, Feco ex-President Roger Penwill helps organise and run this cartoon-filled event, and I do hope many of you may come and visit this wonderful historic town then, if not sooner.

Au revoir!

Nathan Ariss
Feco (UK) Chair


Rumen Dragostinov passed away in August 7th, 2011. This great artist was awarded in numerous competitions.

Rumen Dragostinov was born on 17-09-1956 in Sofia.
At 1975 he finished Art School in Sofia.
During the eighties and beginning of the nineties, he worked at newspapers "Transporten glas" and "Fenomen" like cartoonist and graphik designer.
Last years he worked as advertising and graphik designer in a design firm.
He was regular participant in a number of World cartoon contests.
Member of the UBA section caricature.
He was vice President of FECO Bulgaria since 2004.
He participated in cartoon exhibitions both at home and abroad. Winner of 30 national and more than 150 prizes from most famous World contests.
He participated as a member of international juries of cartoon contests in Serbia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey...
Solo Exhibitions:
1981 - Sofia, Bulgaria
1989 - Tolentino, Italy
2003 - Krusevac, Serbia
2010 - Kruishoutem, Belgium

First prize - Tolentino, Italy (1987) ; Grand prix at Belovar - Croatia (1998) ; Grand prix - Skopje, FYROM (2002) ; Grand prix- Montevideo, Uruguay (2003) ; Grand prize - Free cartoon web, China (2008) ; First prize - Teheran, Iran (2003) ; First prize - Teheran, Iran (2004) ; First prize - Lefkosa, Cyprus (2004) ; First prize - Krushovac, Serbia & Montenegro (2005) ; First prize - India (2005) ; First prize - Presov, Slovakia (2006) ; First prize - Alanya, Turkey (2006) ; First prize - Tabriz, Iran (2008) ; First prize - Jaka bede, Polska (2008).

Ivailo Tsvetkov – Bernard Bouton

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