The Supreme Court of Justice (Under President Ortega control, like the rest of institutions in the country) introduced a bill on the congress about the violence against women (a serious problem) but used the bill to include a way to legally punish the "Media Violence" which includes an article that punish the satire,
many suspected in that article an ambush against free press, specially cartoons, to try to stop cartoonists from drawing and criticizing the first lady (which, it's a general perception, is the person with more power over the country after her husband), and other female members of the government including in fact, the vice-public prosecutor (a former member of the Police) which in what some may think it was a "lapsus" explicitly mentioned the cartoons as part of the reason for the article, that "lapsus" of her, left the intention of the bill kind of clear to the independent journalism, right after that, voices of concern against that article started raising, newspapers, journalists, tv news shows, cartoonists, human rights organizations, women organizations (Which presented their own bill about violence against women that did not included anything like this article) and even the Catholic bishops which sometimes in the past have not been very happy with some cartoons, gave their opinions against the article and in favor of free press and cartoons, after an entire week of social pressure in the media, the Supreme Court called a press conference to say they will pull out the article ("for now" they said), but many organizations, including human rights organizations, think society have to remain alert because there could be another threats hiding on the road for free press which include cartoons, specially in this, an Election Year.



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