FECO invites cartoonists and humour artists throughout the world to be members of this federation that already unites more than 2000 artists from 30 countries.


It embraces organizations representing professional cartoonists from all over the world.
FECO exists to encourage goodwill and the dissemination of information throughout the world regarding the art of the cartoon.

FECO spreads among its members detailed information on the participation conditions of international cartoon contests. It does this in a way and with a frequency that saves its members worry and energy otherwise spent on finding new competitions.

FECO offers members opportunities to show their works to the rest of the world, crossing boundaries and sharing experiences with colleagues of different countries at international meetings


When was FECO founded?

After the idea of FECO had first been discussed during 1983/84, the inaugural FECO council meeting was held in 1985 and Peter Nieuwendijk of the Netherlands became the first FECO President General.

Who can become a FECO member ?
All professional cartoonists, painters, graphic designers and illustrators who dare to draw funny and witty cartoons that could be internationally understood are invited to participate and join FECO through the relevant organisation in their country.


How can you become a FECO member ?

You should contact a member FECO Groupin your country. If there is none, try and set up a group of at least ten cartoonists living in your country; after establishing the group apply for membership in FECO;

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