FECO helps the cartoonists with a stars **** rating system regarding the rules of the contests and considering several points like Printed catalogue for all selected cartoonists--or not, Digital contest only--or not only, Opening ceremony, Money Prizes, Trophy, Digital contest only, Travel expense, Hotelstay for Prizewinners, Misusing copyrights etc....
The two most important points are :
-Original cartoons will be returned--or not
-Copyrights remain to the artists--or not
The complete criteria system is online, inside the rubric "What is FECO ?"


Cartoon theme

I. “Jubilee” (“Molla Nasreddin” Cartoon Contest is 10 years old).

II. “Jubilee” (I’m 50 years old).

October 10, 2018

azer mollaNasreddin18


Cartoon theme
A) Con x De + struction
B) Free
August 31, 2018

kor sicaco18

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