The Mexican master cartoonist & colleague Rogelio Naranjo, passed away on Nov 11, 2016. Born in Morelia, Mexico in 1937, he is one of a triumvirate of emerging political cartoonists (the other are Eduardo del Rio "Rius" and Helio Flores) who fluorished in Mexico at the end of the tumultuous 1960's, denouncing the government and its represive policies with their cartoons. They would influence new generations of cartoonists.
Naranjo's style was simple and complex at the same time, a clean silhouette will be filled with countless small lines and plenty of irony. He was a founder in 1968 of La Garrapata, an influential satyrical magazine. He also contributed to diverse critical, intelectual and opposition publications, with regular cartoons in the daily El Universal and the weekly Proceso. Received awards for his work in Cuba, Nicaragua, Portugal and in his native Mexico. In 2011 Naranjo donated more than 10,000 of his cartoons to the National Autunomous University of Mexico. A retrospective of his work was exhibited at UNAM Tlatelolco in 2012 and was titled "Vivir en la Raya" or "Living in the Line", a Mexican expression which means living on the edge or day to day. A phrase that also summarizes his life, according to his drawing style.
161114Feggo Homenaje a Naranjo
I had the chance to meet him only once, back in 1984, at his home in Mexico City but was honored to have crossed paths with him working in publications like La Garrapata, Insurgencia Popular, Crítica Política and La Cultura en México/Siempre. I'm sharing here some of his works plus a cartoon/ homage I did for his retrospective's catalog exhibition (it was nice to find a photo of him with my cartoon in the back!) Rest in peace, and among us, within the millions of lines he draw.

Felipe Galindo (Feggo)

161115a Naranjo


161115b Naranjo


161115c Naranjo

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