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Antonio Antunes, Marlene Pohle, Carlos Brito, protagonists of the exhibition  "Three pencils to draw the world", in Brazil.

One of the various exhibitions that took place at the same time as the "40 Salão Internacional de Humor", in the Brasilian city Piracicaba, until 20 October,  is “Tres lápices para dibujar el mundo”, with works by Marlene Pohle, Argentinean living in Germany, who displays drawings from the people crossing his path, and by the Portuguese cartoonist Antonio Antunes, head of the World Press Cartoon and member of the weekly Expresso, and Carlos Brito, who was cartoonist in Le Monde and in Le Canard Enchaîné, with his editorial cartoons about international politics.

The three of them were members of the international jury of the Salon, together with the Brasilians Luciano Magno, Roberto Negreiros Faria Junior, Ciça Alves Pinto and Zélio Alves Pinto, who was a member of the jury in the first Salon in 1974 and who was a member of the group who stimulated the achievement of the first edition of the event, braving the military dictatorship that prevailed at that time in Brazil.

"The three of us are friends and colleagues – Marlene said-  and therefore we have much in common, but our drawing is not only personal but different, with the result, in my opinion, that our styles are complementary, rightly thanks to this difference".

Without doubt, people of Piracicaba will appreciate the sight of the works by these three creators, who do a significant work in defending the caricature and its artistic expression.

The Salão de Piracicaba for its 40th anniversary becomes a huge showcase for the international grafic humor with the realization, in addition to the central exhibition, of 30 accompanying exhibitions by different national and foreigner creators, with works by Yuri Kosobukin, (Ukraine); Ángel Boligán (Mexico); O Sekoer (Belgium);  Turcios(Colombia), and local creators like Angeli, Bennet, Rodrigo Rosa, Cau Gomez, Gustavo Duarte, Dalcio Machado, Mario Alberto, y otros. There are also launches of books of humor, amongst others :  Causos de Santiago, by the cartoonist Neltar Rebés Abreu (Santiago); "Historia da caricatura brasileira", by Luciano Magno; Capivaras, by Erasmo Sapadotto, Dito, o Bendito, by Erico San Juan;  "Balas nao matam ideias", by Adolpho Queiroz, and many others.

In order to stimulate the creativity and the critical thinking of young people, who are the future artists, students (from 7 to 14) take part in the "Onceno Salaozinho de Humor", and show their works. Out of this abundance of works will step in artists to be the new "stars". For them also there are other activities like drawing workshops, drawing and performances for children's theatre.

This Salão, chaired by the  journalist Carlos Colonnese, and organized by the Prefecture of Piracicaba, the "Secretaria da Ação Cultural" and the "Centro Nacional de Humor Gráfico de Piracicaba", deserves the congratulations for this cultural action of considerable standing.

Francisco Puñal Suárez
translation: Bernard Bouton




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