By invitation of Rahim Asghari, the Head of Tabriz Cartoon Museum, the second Meeting of Cartoon Museum Directors 2010 was held in Tabriz from 12th to 15th September.

The participants of this meeting were:
Sebastian Carmois / Belgium - ECC
Ali Mazak / Turkey - Director of Istanbul Museums
Alessandro Gatto / Italy - Cartoonist
Bayram Hajizadeh / Azerbaijan - Director of Azerbaijan Cartoonists Association
Raed Khalil / Syria - FECO Syria
Rahim Baqqal Asghari / Iran - Tabriz Cartoon Museum
Marisa Barichello / Italy - University Art Professor
Bernard Bouton / France - FECO Secretary General
Valentin Georgiev / Bulgaria - Cartoonist
Sadettin Aygun / Turkey - Vice-Director of Eskisehir Cartoon Museum
Akdag Saydut / Turkey - Director of Istanbul Catoon Museum
Elshad Aliyev / Azerbaijan - Director of Azimzadeh Cartoon Museum
Jamal Rahmati / Iran – Cartoonist

The first three days there were meetings and speeches. The last day of the conference was reserved for recreational activities and visiting historical monuments and museums.
The "Criticism and Insult" Seminar was held on the opening day : Raed Khalil talked about western countries insults. Jamal Rahmati warned cartoonists to be aware of limits and sensibilities. Rahim Asghari spoke about the consequences of insulting religions and beliefs.
On the second and third days the conference of Cartoon Museum heads was held.
Bayram Hajizadeh informed Tabriz cartoonists on the history, development stages and contemporary position of Azerbaijan cartoon art and each representative presented the development of his own museum.
Bernard Bouton, as FECO Secretary General, explained how the Cartoon Museums and FECO have some similar goals : first of all connecting people in the world of cartoon. The second point is to show the cartoonists' works : on the FECO website, we can see exhibitions online and one cartoon gallery for each country of the FECO world is going to be displayed as soon as possible. Azerbaijan FECO members have already sent their works.

Another point connects FECO and the Cartoon Museum : FECO have to act about the question of plagiarism. Since a museum can show a lot of cartoons, especially ancient works, it could be a big help in our fight against plagiarism if these cartoons could be seen by a large public, and specially by future jury members ...
An interesting moment was the visit of the Art school whose Director is Rahim Asghari ; Rahim is highly involved in the development of cartoon in Iran.
We also appreciated the works of young iranian cartoonists ; among them, many young cartoonist women.
Along these four days we could enjoy visits of several interesting museums and monuments of the old city. Also excellent lunches and dinners !
Many thanks to the hosts and especially to Rahim Asghari for the great organisation and the kind and warm welcome.
All the visitors have had a happy time and enjoyed this hospitable city.

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