Cartoon theme
June 23, 2023

Cartoon theme
June 23, 2023
a) Five 1st place prizes in the amount of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais) each, divided among the categories (cartoon, charge, caricature, sculpture and comics strips).
b) A prize of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais) called "THEMATIC AWARD “50 Years: Midlife Crisis”, destined to works of any category (cartoons, caricature, charge, sculpture or comics strips) that address the theme “50 Years: Midlife Crisis”, proposed by the organization of the event to the 2023 edition.
c) One award of R$ 15.000,00 (fifteen thousand reais) called GRAND PRIZE INTERNATIONAL HUMOR OF PIRACICABA chosen among the six winners of each category (cartoon, charge, caricature, comics strips, and thematic).
d) One prize called Popular Jury "Alceu Marozi Righetto", in the value of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais),chosen by online open voting. The contestants to this award will be the honorable mention, selected by the Awarding Committee. The indicated, such as the schedule and the local for the voting will be announced on the event's opening.
e) Also planned: a prize of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais) called CHAMBER OF MUNICIPAL OF PIRACICABA award, exclusively for the caricature category.
f) a prize of R$5.000,00 (five thousand reais) called UNIMED HEALTH AWARD for work for any category that explore the themes of health.
Number of entries

max 3 per category: Cartoon, Charge, Caricature, Comic Strips/Comic Stories , UNIMED HEALTH (for works that address the health theme) and Thematic (“50 Years: Midlife Crisis”)
Artists can apply unpublished and authorship artworks that were not awarded until the closing date for entries.
Works that have already been selected in other editions of the Piracicaba International Humor Exhibition cannot participate again.
Works where the use of Artificial Intelligence is identified will be disqualified

max A3 (300 DPI, JPEG)
Works returned
After the exhibition, the original works must be withdrawn by the artist or authorized person carrying a letter of authorization signed by the artist, at CEDHU - Piracicaba , within a period of up to six (6) months, counted from the closing date of the exhibition. show. After the deadline, CEDHU will exercise the right of ownership, according to its interest.
The exhibition will be virtual and in presence
Free catalogue
no information
Copyright issues

The selected artists automatically transfer the authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions and publications in any media, without restriction, aiming promotion of the event.

Awarded authors (including honorable mentions) transfer the assignment of the Copyrights of their work, in accordance with Law 9.610 of February 19, 1988 (Copyright Law). total, universal and definitive, in all the modalities of use and free of charge, protected by said law referring to the work (s) awarded at the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba , which are now part of the Municipal Public Patrimony for all rights purposes, in accordance with the Municipal Law n 2249,1976, partially amended by the Municipal Law n 2486-1982 and consolidated by the Municipal Law n 5194-2002.

FECO overall rules rating

Address to send the artworks

by mail:
50º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba - Av. Dr. Maurice Allain, 454 - Caixa Postal 12 - CEP 13.405-123 Piracicaba - SP - Brasil

by internet:
registration form:

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