Cartoon theme
March 20, 2022

Modele logo contest
Cartoon theme
March 20, 2022
* First Prize Winner: 7.500 TL
* Second Prize Winner: 5.000 TL
* Third Prize Winner: 3.500 TL
* Honorable Mention (3 pieces of prize) : 1.500 TL
* The Prize for Under 18 Years Old (3 pieces of prize) : 1.000 TL
Prize-giving ceremony May 13, 2022
One-night accommodation and meal expenses of the winners of the cartoon contest will be provided by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.
Number of entries

max 3 works
Works previously awarded in any other competition are excluded from this competition

A4 size, between 150-300 dpi, JPEG format and minimum 1 MB maximum 10 MB
Works returned
works sent by internet
Free catalogue
Copyright issues

- No matter cartoons get reward or not, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will become right owner to use all cartoons providing that participants’ names are clearly mentioned, in accordance with the law No.5846.
- The participants will have accepted that the rights of use their works will be transferred to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality free of charge to be used in all activities, promotions, events and trainings of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, The Municipality has rights of use their works for providing materials such as poster, catalogue, brochure, gifted book and etc. and publishing in the media. Furthermore, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has also the rights of use their works to reproduce, disseminate, distribute and demonstrate.
- The works of the participant, which received or did not receive an award, can be used in print media, radio and television and also other mass media in accordance with the purposes of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, from the moment of the delivery.
- Moreover, participants accept and undertake that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality takes over the rights of use the their works by means of broadcasts on the internet, brochures, catalogues, agendas, posters, CDs, DVDs and each digital media or calendars.

- The right of the works belongs to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality as the organizing institution of the contest and the owner of the work.

FECO overall rules rating

Address to send the artworks
Cartoons must be uploaded HERE
Contact for further information

Mobile: +90 (554) 647 26 85
Telephone central: +90 (258) 280 20 20

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