Cartoon theme
1) Smart City
2) Free
May 30, 2019

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Cartoon theme
1) Smart City
2) Free
May 30, 2019
All 180 works will be collected by Jiaxing Art Museum.
The first 40 works (30 pre-tax bonuses for single-frame comics are RMB 3,800 per piece; 10 pieces of multi-character comics are RMB 6500 each) and 140 other selected works (90 for pre-tax bonus) Each piece will cost 1800 yuan; 50 pieces of multi-frame comics will cost 3,800 yuan each).
Number of entries

max: 4 works

max 420×300mm
Works returned
 no information
Free catalogue
Yes, for every selected entrant
Copyright issues
The organizer shall reserve the rights of exhibiting, researching, photographing, videoing, publishing and promoting all works selected by the Biennale.
FECO overall rules rating

Address to send the artworks

Jiaxing Art Museum, No.28 Zhonghe Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Zip code: 314000

Artists outside of mainland China should send original hand-painted versions of the work, and if not selected, will return to the artist.

Mainland Chinese artists can send both hand-painted works and 10-inch photo works. If the photo passes the initial screening process, we will notify the artist to send a hand-drawn version to participate in the upcoming competition.

Contact for further information

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Tel: 86-573-82031837, 86-573-82051101



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